i’m a sucker for soft stuff. Bending, twisting, over, under. Plying histories and
threads. Weaving together materials and meanings. Threads become lines become
grids. Over, under. Binaries created from crossed threads. How does my queer body
affect the construction of these binaries? Elbow deep in tangles of line. Threads find
strength in their interlacement, in their organization. Can a weaving still find
strength rejecting, defying, and redefining the binary? Starched boxes meant to be
broken, lines meant to be crossed. is everything i make queer because a queer body
is making it? Needlework and felt find their place as they become different ways to
organize fibers, threads, bodies, thoughts. Over and under. Making and unmaking.
identity intrinsic and inseparable from the making of
material. Fibers and feelings locked and matted, impossible to untangle. i relish
in the mutability of material and the ability of fiber to take so many shapes. Hold
so many meanings. Intersecting lines create the structure that becomes the form. 
any thing can be a thread


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